History of the Town Clock Church

Cool Timeline

1848: Second Presbyterian Church Reaches Out

On May 17, John Bishop baptized an African American woman on her deathbed. Presbyterian ministers were also known to have performed marriage ceremonies for African Americans as well.

1847: James Brooks and The New Albany-Salem Railroad

On July 1, the New Albany-Salem Railroad is formed with James Brooks acting as president and holding that position until his resignation in October 1, 1858. The railroad line was a verified escape route of slaves who traveled both in the cars and followed the rails on foot as they…Read More

1846: John Bishop Joins Second Presbyterian Church

John Bishop, formerly a pastor in Plymouth, Indiana, was installed at Second Presbyterian on November 1, 1846. He remained in New Albany until October 21, 1850, when the American Home Missionary Society assigned him to the Indiana counties of Lawrence, Jackson, Crawford, Dubois, and Monroe.

1837: Presbyterian Schism

The Presbyterian Church suffered a schism in which followers were divided into two separate groups. First Presbyterian Church went with Old School and Second Presbyterian Church went with New School with the former not supporting Christian revivals, and the latter wholly embracing them. The New School was more progressive in…Read More

1830: Arrival of James Brooks

James Brooks, who had been converted through a revival led by Rev. Ashbel Wells, joined the Presbyterian Church on September 19.