The Presbyterian Church suffered a schism in which followers were divided into two separate groups. First Presbyterian Church went with Old School and Second Presbyterian Church went with New School with the former not supporting Christian revivals, and the latter wholly embracing them. The New School was more progressive in its social orientation and consistently supported the abolishment of slavery.

Rev. Samuel K. Sneed was also called away from the First Presbyterian Church to serve in the newly formed Second Presbyterian Church as pastor from 1837 to 1843. He was a significant force in establishing “Mt. Tabor,” an area north of town where revivals were held and while during his time as pastor heavily spoke out against slavery.

James Brooks became an ordained ruling elder of the Second Presbyterian Church during this time, and Isaac P. Smith with his wife Abby H. Campbell moved to New Albany.

It is important to note that African Americans were members of the Second Presbyterian Church since it’s formation.