Restoration of the Town Clock Church

The Friends of the Town Clock Church have been hard at work to restore the building to a more historically accurate state.

Stabilization – Phase I: 2013-2014

  • Repair architectural woodwork on tower and repaint, replace existing roof with high grade durable roof.  Replace tower lighting.
  • Repair gutters and replace (2) downspouts.
  • Repair architectural woodwork at cornice, gutter, and eaves and repaint. Repair wood louvers and and eaves and repaint. Repair wood louvers and frames in (4) window openings. Repair architectural woodwork and repaint. (Includes repair and/or replacement of gutters and downspouts).
  • Work on clock and/or bell mechanical systems.

Façade & Window Restoration – Phase II: 2014-16

  • Repair & restore stained glass  windows. Replace existing storm windows.
  • Clean up and landscape in front of church.
  • Replicate original main entrance doors and former cellar entry door.

Steeple Replacement – Phase III: 2016

  • Replicate original steeple system utilizing current technology.
  • Structural Contingency Allowance: Reinforce existing heavy timber structure to support steel structure.
  • Accent lighting on tower and steeple.

Exterior Restoration – Phase IV: 2016

  • West foundation repair and stucco.
  • Repair and Repoint existing masonry where required.  Apply water repellent system.

 Interior Work – Phase V: 2016-17

  • Restoration of existing brass gasoliers.
  • Replacement of stolen center gasolier.
  • Underground Railroad exhibit in lower level.
  • Repainting the sanctuary to period look.
  • Vestibule clean-up and restoration.

Restoration Task Group

This group will oversee the restoration of the Town Clock Church and make decisions on construction, etc.

  • Irv Stumler – Chairman
  • Steve Resch
  • Kevin Zurschmiede
  • Ron Hartman
  • Paul Davis
  • Larry Timperman – Consultant