Town Clock Church

Friends of the Town Clock Church

In a city rich with history, the Town Clock Church stands out as a truly significant structure connected to the Underground Railroad. The building served as a beacon of hope to those who were slaves. It was but a single stop on a long journey to freedom for many.

Our mission is to help tell the story of the people that worshiped here, took a stand against slavery, and helped those who passed through on their way to freedom, as we also work to preserve the structure for future generations.

The original tower was struck by lightning in 1914 and replaced with the present tower. The current tower is in very poor condition and in need of immediate stabilization.

The church has undergone many renovations, some of which have destroyed original historical details. The exterior requires extensive work to stabilize, with the goal of preserving this important building for future generations.

Join us in this noble endeavor to promote, preserve, and educate our community about the treasure of the historical Town Clock Church and the role it played in justice of people.
Exterior Renovation & Steeple Replication Project